Director's Corner

“Words, words, words,” says Hamlet when Polonius asks him what he reads—the matter that makes (the) difference. This spring I taught a seminar titled Shakespeare in the Now to a group of economics, engineering, psychology, sports medicine, history, and English majors at Rutgers, tasking each with putting Shakespeare into action as a source of social and intellectual transformation. I took my passion and my cue not only from Shakespeare but also from Bread Loaf, where courses, students, and their students lead the way in showing how words and stories can make or break our worlds. Now is the moment—our moment—to cultivate and celebrate the power of writing, literature, and the arts across the public sphere, so that the voices, words, and stories that define us will continue to be imaginatively, eloquently, and meaningfully ours.

Emily C. Bartels
Director, BLSE

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