Sandy LeGault Departs Bread Loaf

Posted May 2014

Chances are, if you know Bread Loaf, you know Sandy LeGault. If you were a Bread Loaf student in the 1980s, you might have discussed European fiction or Shakespearean comedies with her in class. If you attended the Vermont campus during the quarter century that she and her husband Leo resided in the Caretaker’s Cottage, you might have seen her walking her dog in the meadow, stealing over to the Little Theater to watch play rehearsals in the evenings, or joining in the festivity of a square dance. And if you were admitted to Bread Loaf in the past twenty years, the first welcoming voice you heard was likely Sandy LeGault’s.

After 32 years of learning, living, and working at Bread Loaf, Director of Admissions Sandy LeGault MA ’87 has left Bread Loaf to accept a new position in the President’s office at Middlebury College, where she will work, in part, on the search for the 17th president of the college. "Sandy has an endless enthusiasm for all things Bread Loaf," comments Bread Loaf director Emily Bartels, "and, though she is moving on, I know she will remain a part of our community. I am grateful for all the work she has done for Bread Loaf. I am also pleased that she has the opportunity to take on new challenges a few doors down."

With a ready smile, zeal for life and literature, and passion for the program, Sandy has been an important Bread Loaf presence. Colleagues speak to her devotion to her work. Dixie Goswami, Director of the Bread Loaf Teacher Network, remembers, “On April 28, 2008, Sandy and I exchanged 33 messages on BreadNet, and that was a slow day!”

Joan Altman MA ’05, who worked with Sandy at the Bread Loaf/Oxford office, comments, “She seems to know everyone and their academic passions, students and professors alike. She is the ‘Encyclopedia Bread Loaf.’”

“Anyone who has ever had an opportunity to work with Sandy over the years can testify to her truly extraordinary gifts,' writes faculty member Stephen Donadio: "Her consistent maturity of judgment has always been combined with a remarkable openness and generosity of spirit -- a very rare thing.”

Bread Loaf will celebrate Sandy’s history with the program this summer at the Vermont campus. Dana Olsen, currently Budget & Communications Manager, will take over the role of Director of Admissions for the Bread Loaf School of English.