Dana Olsen Named New Director of Admissions

Posted June 2014

Bread Loaf is delighted to announce that Dana Olsen, who joined the Bread Loaf staff in 2011, is our new Director of Admissions, following the retirement of Sandy LeGault from that position. 

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University and a former high school teacher, Dana worked as an exhibit manager at an educational children’s museum before turning to college administration at Bucknell University.  Since coming to Bread Loaf she has served as Budget and Communications Manager (posts she will retain) and coordinator of the Oxford campus. Dana brings to all parts of her job a strong background in classics, art, math, and education  as well as an appreciation of the strengths  and uniqueness of the Bread Loaf community. “Our students and alumni are involved in remarkable projects across the globe, changing the face of education as a direct result of their intensive summers at Bread Loaf,” she observes. “It’s thrilling to help usher students into the program knowing that they will be shaped by their experiences here and that they will, in turn, re-charge their schools and students with new energy and vision.”

An avid reader and writer, Dana also takes courses at Bread Loaf.  She has assisted in the inauguration (in 2013) of the Bread Loaf Journal, has served as editor of the biannual  Bread Loaf Newsletter, and has brought her literary, artistic, and educational vision—and her budgetary savvy—to a number of Bread Loaf initiatives, including the redesign of our print and digital publications.  “Dana has gotten, or been, Bread Loaf from the first day she joined the staff,” comments Bread Loaf director Emily Bartels; “She is in an excellent position to assess and assist new applicants, making sure that the Bread Loaf student body continues to be outstanding and that its diversity continues to grow.”

Dana and her husband and two children live in Cornwall and enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping.