2017 Course Titles

Posted December 2016


Caroline Bicks Sex, Gender, and the Body in Early Modern England
Angela Brazil Using Theater in the English Classroom
Brenda Brueggemann Teaching/Writing: the Art and Act of Writing about Teaching
Disability and Deformity in British Literature 1600-present
Susan Choi Fiction Writing
Dare Clubb Playwriting
Patricia DeMarco Quest Narratives: The Hero(ine) Sets Forth
Lyndon Dominique Black British Literature
Fantastic Jane Austen
Stephen Donadio Travels, Terminable & Interminable
Ruth Forman Poetry Workshop: Poetry of Humanity and Hope
Shalom Goldman Thrillers: War, Espionage, and Treason in Twentieth Century History and Literature
The Arabian Nights—Storytelling, Orientalism, and Islamic Culture
Alexa Huang Global Shakespeare
Shakespeare on Film: Theory and Practice
David Huddle Multigenre Writing Workshop (two sections)
Amy Hungerford Modernist American Literature
Douglas Jones Democracy and its Documents: Some American Elaborations
Race & American Literature in the New Millennium: Identity, Inquiry, and Instability
Michael Katz War and Peace and The Brothers Karamazov
Gwyneth Lewis Poetry Detective Workshop
Creative Nonfiction
Kate Marshall American Weird
American Media Ecologies
Eric Pritchard Queer Pedagogies in Writing Studies
Literacy Education in American Film
Margery Sabin Wit and Terror in Modern Irish Literature
Jeffrey Shoulson Race and Religion in Early Modern Drama
Milton, the Bible, and Cultures of Violence
Michele Stepto and Sam Swope Writing for Children
Robert Stepto Ralph Ellison in Context
Robert Sullivan Creative Nonfiction: The Almanac
Holding Place: Long-form Writing about Landscape
Jennifer Wicke Cli-Fi: Fictions of Climate Change
Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism

New Mexico

Damian Baca Latino/a Literature
J.D. Connor 1977
Dennis Denisoff Creative Writing in the Landscape
Genders, Sexualities, and the Animal
Lars Engle Shakespeare & Co.: English Renaissance Drama
Rachel Lee Asians in the Global/Planetary Imagination
Cruz Medina Multicultural Digital Storytelling
Jeff Nunokawa The Essay and its Vicissitudes
Simon Ortiz Poetry Workshop
Bruce Smith Teaching, Reading (and Enjoying) Poetry
Annalyn Swan Life Lines: The Art and Craft of Biographical Writing


Helen Barr Realizing Shakespeare
Stephen Berenson British Theater: Stage to Page to Stage
John Fyler Old English
Troilus and Criseyde and Troy
Christine Gerrard Atlantic Crossings: Anglo-American Literary Relations, 1798-1900
The City and the Country in British Literature, 1700-1800
Jeri Johnson James Joyce
Cora Kaplan Memoir at the Millennium: A Genre without Borders
Catherine Nicholson The Faerie Queene
Lloyd Pratt Literature of the Black Atlantic
The American Novel after 1945
Karl Schoonover Theories of Waste and its Aesthetic Management
Globalization and the Question of World Culture