David Huddle Publishes Seventh Book of Poems; Receives PEN New England Award

Posted March 2013; updated April 2013

David Huddle, Professor Emeritus at the University of Vermont and a longtime member of the Bread Loaf/Vermont faculty, has published a new collection of poetry entitled Blacksnake at the Family Reunion (LSU Press, 2012). Huddle has received the 2013 PEN New England Award for Poetry for the collection.

Author Lia Purpura praises Professor Huddle's poems for achieving "an incredibly rare balance of forces: they openly confess, yet leave essential silences intact. They reverence the past, but passionately, alert to desire’s rough hold on us. Unabashed at real emotion, utterly present to loss, Huddle recognizes intimacy for the fearsome force it is and tenderness for the ways it disturbs the peace. What to call this singular sensibility? The “resplendent-conversational” might begin to do justice to one of the most original voices writing today."