MIDDLEBURY STUDENTS: This database contains information on courses taken abroad (both at Middlebury Schools Abroad and Externally Sponsored Programs) and their applicability to Middlebury majors, minors, and academic distribution requirements, as approved by the appropriate department. The database includes courses that have been approved during the last 5 years.  New courses are added regularly as they are approved.

You are encouraged to think about the database in both a specific and a general way:  specific in that it can tell you what precise courses you would be able to use for major/minor/distribution credit, and general in that it tells you what type of course is likely to be applicable for major/minor/distribution credit.  Do not think of this database as limiting; rather, it is meant to expand the way you think about what is possible in terms of coursework abroad.

We hope the data will be helpful as you make course selections while abroad or when planning to study abroad.

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Don’t see your course listed? Use this form to apply for major/minor credit or academic distributions and cultures and civilizations requirements.

Please note:

To apply a previously-approved course (i.e., a course that is already listed in this database) toward your major or minor or toward academic distribution or cultures and civilizations requirements, as displayed on your degree progress worksheet, you must contact the Registrar’s Office.

MIDDLEBURY FACULTY: You may find it useful to consult the database when meeting with advisees/students to determine if a particular course has already been approved for major/minor credit or academic distributions.

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