The Bread Loaf School of English


Vermont Faculty, Summer 2014

Isobel Armstrong, FBA, BA, PhD, University of Leicester. Emeritus Professor of English, Geoffrey Tillotson Chair, and Fellow, Birkbeck College, University of London, and Senior Research Fellow, Institute of English Studies, University of London.

Michael Armstrong, BA, BPhil, University of Oxford. Formerly Head Teacher, HarwellPrimary School, Harwell, Oxfordshire.

Damián Baca, BA, West Texas A&M University; MA, Northern Arizona University; PhD, Syracuse University. Assistant Professor of English, University of Arizona.

Adam Banks, BA, Cleveland State University; MA, PhD, Pennsylvania State University. Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies, University of Kentucky; 2014 Rocky Gooch Visiting Professor, Bread Loaf School of English.

Angela Brazil, BA, California State University at Chico; MFA, University of Iowa. Instructor, Clark University and University of Rhode Island; Actor, Trinity Repertory Company.

Dare Clubb, BA, Amherst College; MFA, DFA, Yale School of Drama. Associate Professor of Playwriting, Dramatic Literature, and Theory, University of Iowa.

Tyler Curtain, BSc, University of Colorado at Boulder; PhD, Johns Hopkins University. Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Stephen Donadio, BA, Brandeis University; MA, PhD, Columbia University. John Hamilton Fulton Professor of Humanities, Middlebury College.

Jonathan Freedman, BA, Northwestern University; MA, PhD, Yale University. Professor of English and American Studies, University of Michigan.

John M. Fyler, AB, Dartmouth College; MA, PhD, University of California at Berkeley. Professor of English, Tufts University.

Jennifer Green-Lewis, MA, University of Edinburgh; PhD, University of Pennsylvania. Associate Professor of English, George Washington University.

Amy Hungerford, BA, MA, PhD, Johns Hopkins University. Professor of English, Yale University.

Douglas A. Jones, Jr., BFA, New York University; PhD, Stanford University. Assistant Professor of English, Rutgers University.

Michael R. Katz, BA, Williams College; MA, DPhil, University of Oxford. C. V. Starr Professor Emeritus of Russian and East European Studies, Middlebury College.

Andrea Abernethy Lunsford, BA, MA, University of Florida; PhD, Ohio State University. Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor of English Emerita, Claude and Louis Roseberg Jr. Fellow, Stanford University.   

Alan MacVey, BA, MA,Stanford University; MFA,Yale University. Professor and Director of the Division of Performing Arts, University of Iowa.

Paul Muldoon, B.A., Queen’s University, Belfast. Howard G.B. Clark ’21 University Professor in the Humanities; Professor of Creative Writing, Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University.

William Nash, BA, Centre College of Kentucky; MA, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Professor of American Studies and English and American Literatures, Middlebury College.

Rae Paris, BA, University of California at Berkeley; MFA, University of Arizona. Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, Michigan State University. 

Margery Sabin, BA, Radcliffe College; PhD, Harvard University. Lorraine Chiu Wang Professor of English, Wellesley College.

Jeffrey Shoulson, BA, Princeton University; MPhil, University of Cambridge; MA, PhD, Yale University. Professor of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages, Professor of English, Konover Chair in Judaic Studies, University of Connecticut.

Tracy K. Smith, BA, Harvard University; MFA, Columbia University. Professor of Creative Writing, Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University.

Margery Sokoloff, BA, MA, PhD, Yale University. Visiting Lecturer, Wellesley College.

Michele Stepto, BA, Stanford University; MA, San Francisco State University; PhD, University of Massachusetts. Lecturer, Department of English, Yale University.

Robert Stepto, BA,Trinity College, Hartford; MA, PhD, Stanford University. Professor of English, African American Studies, and American Studies, Yale University.

Robert Sullivan, AB, Georgetown University. Author.

Sam Swope, BA, Middlebury College; MA, University of Oxford. Founder and President, Academy for Teachers, and Dean, Cullman Center Institute for Teachers, New York Public Library.

Jennifer Wicke, BA, University of Chicago; MA, PhD, Columbia University. Professor of English, University of Virginia.

Michael Wood, BA, MA, PhD, Cambridge University. Charles Barnwell Straut Professor of English and Comparative Literature Emeritus, Princeton University.