Bread Loaf Writers' Conference

Letter from
the Director

Director Shares Vision and Changes
for the 95th Session of BL Writers'

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Bread Loaf News

2020 Information & Applications Available Now!

Bread Loaf Environmental - June 10 to 16

Bread Loaf Translators' - June 10 to 16

Bread Loaf Writers' - August 12 to 22

Bread Loaf in Sicily - September 20 to 26

A New Bread Loaf Writers' Conference Fellowship to Honor the Memory of Paul Otremba

The Bread Loaf Writers’ Conferences and the New England Review honor the memory of Paul Otremba, who passed away earlier this summer at the age of 40. The Paul Otremba Endowed Fellowship for Poetry at the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conferences, established in 2019 by Paul’s family and friends, supports an annual Bread Loaf fellowship.

Please consider making a gift to the Fellowship. Click here for details.

Read Jennifer Finney Boylan’s New York Times essay How I Learned to Fail Better about her experience at this year’s Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference in August.

Bread Loaf Environmental Writers' Conference
Bread Loaf Translators' Conference
Bread Loaf Writers' Conference Sicily