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Applications for the Bread Loaf Conferences programs are accepted via the Submittable online application program. There is a $20 application fee.* Applications differ depending on the program but generally consist of a request for basic contact information and a few short questions about the applicant’s experience and what the applicant hopes to gain by attending the conference.

Applicants must be at least eighteen years of age, and international applicants who write in English are eligible to apply.**

It’s possible to apply simultaneously to more than one Bread Loaf program, and within each program to apply in more than one genre. A separate application (and application fee) is required for each program and genre.
The general contributor/participant application requires a writing sample (in some cases this can be either published or unpublished--see each program’s Manuscript Guidelines page for details).  Applicants should submit their strongest work with the application. Following acceptance into a program, participants send a replacement manuscript for workshop critique.

Auditor applications do not require a writing sample. Auditors attend the conference without a manuscript and do not have their work evaluated.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available for BL Writers’, BL Environmental, and BL Translators’ (unfortunately, we are not able to offer financial aid for the BL Sicily program at this time).  Most categories of financial aid are merit based and require a writing sample. Though publication is a requirement for some forms of financial aid, such as the Bread Loaf Scholarship and Fellowship for the BL Writers’ program in August, it is not a requirement for most categories.  While the Middlebury Student Contributor Award for current undergraduates at Middlebury College and also recent graduates is available for BL Writers’, BL Environmental, and BL Translators’, other categories of financial aid differ for each program. See each program’s Application & Acceptance page for details on categories and requirements.

Recommendation Letters
Recommendation letters are not a part of the Bread Loaf Writers' Conferences application process (with the exception of the Middlebury Student Contributor Award application, which requires a recommendation from a Middlebury College instructor).

Application Deadlines and Notification
The application deadline for BL Writers’ is February 15. Decisions are made after all applications have been reviewed, and notification letters are sent via email in late May. BL Environmental, BL Translators’, and BL Sicily have rolling admissions. The application period for BL Environmental and BL Translators' is November 1 to February 15; the application period for BL Sicily is November 1 to April 15. Applicants are notified within four to six weeks of submitting an application. All Middlebury Student Contributor Award applications are due by March 1, and students receive notification by April 1.

Early applications are encouraged for all programs, especially for those offering rolling admissions as the spots are limited and fill quickly.

Specific Instructions
See each program’s Application & Acceptance page for details and the link to applications.



*An application fee is not required for the Middlebury Student Contributor Award application, which is available to current Middlebury College undergraduates and recent graduates.


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