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Manuscript Guidelines

All applicants except for Fellows and Bread Loaf Scholars follow the guidelines below to submit a writing sample with the online application. The writing sample can be work that is published or unpublished.

Upon acceptance, all except for Fellows submit a manuscript of unpublished writing for workshop critique. The guidelines at that time will be simlar to the guidelines included below. Acceptance letters will include more information.

--All samples, including those that have been published, must follow the word limit/page limit and the manuscript format described below. Please only submit a PDF of a published piece if the copy from the web site in which it appears (if published online) is unreadable.
--Applicants should send their strongest work. Those accepted will have an opportunity to send a replacement manuscript of unpublished work for workshop critique.
--Please do not send children's or young adult literature, newspaper journalism, co-authored work, or self-help literature.

Manuscript Format for Writing Sample:

•Prose writers send up to 6,000 words, and poets send up to 10 pages.

•Electronic file names MUST consist of the writer’s last name followed by the manuscript title; for example, Smith__A Day in the Park. Poets and those with a longer manuscript title can simply use something like this: Smith__manuscript for Bread Loaf.

•If the manuscript was published online, please submit a copy of the published piece with a link to the web site.  If a copy is unreadable, please submit a Word or PDF version of the text with the publication information and a link to the web site.

• The applicant's name and a page number must appear on each sheet of the manuscript; for example, Smith, p.1.

• Prose manuscripts must be double-spaced with 12 pt. font and margins of at least 1.25". The total word count should be noted at the top of the first page. Applicants may include one or more stories as long as the overall total number of pages is within the 6,000-word limit. Please include a brief note to let readers know if the piece stands on its own as a short story or essay or if it is an excerpt from a longer project. If the sample has been published, please note the publication details at the top of the first page. Manuscripts excerpted from a longer project should include a one-page synopsis placed at the back of the piece (the synopsis can be single-spaced and does not count toward the 6,000-word limit).

• Poetry manuscripts should have 12 pt. font and can be either single- or double-spaced. A poem can exceed one page, as long as the complete manuscript submission is within the ten-page limit. Please do not squeeze more than one poem to a page. If a poem has been published, please note the publication details at the top of the page.


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