Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference Public Events Schedule

Lectures and readings are free and open to the public. All events will take place in the Little Theatre on the Bread Loaf campus in Ripton, Vermont. Events are subject to change. Please call to confirm days and times: 802-443-5286 through August 15; 802-443-2700 after August 15.

Wednesday, August 16

8:15 p.m.--Welcome by Middlebury College President Laurie L. Patton and Conference Director Michael Collier; and readings by Lauren Groff and Edward Hirsch

Thursday, August 17

9:00 a.m.--Lecture by Garrett Hongo, “The Mirror Diary: Ancestry and the Absence of an Archive"

4:15 p.m.--Readings by Marianne Boruch, Jericho Brown, and Elena Passarello

8:15 p.m.--Readings by Charles Baxter and Ellen Bryant Voigt

Friday, August 18

9:00 a.m.--Lecture by Eavan Boland, “From Object to Image”

4:15 p.m.--Readings by Lesley Nneka Arimah, Natashia Deón, Maeve Kinkead, Kristen Radtke

8:15 p.m.--Readings by Julia Alvarez and Helena María Viramontes

Saturday, August 19

9:00 a.m.--Lecture by Carl Phillips, “Toward a Politics of Mere Being"

4:15 p.m.--Readings by Xhenet Aliu, Mauro Javier Cardenas, Matt Gallagher, and Jenny Johnson

8:15 p.m.--Readings by Peter Ho Davies and Garrett Hongo

Sunday, August 20

9:00 a.m.--Lecture by Charles Baxter, “Things About to Disappear: The Writer as Curator"

4:15 p.m.--Readings by Gary Hawkins, Stacey D’Erasmo, and Ann Hood

8:15 p.m.-- Readings by Eavan Boland and Randall Kenan

Monday, August 21                 

11:00 a.m.--Lecture by Peter Ho Davies, "Playing With Fire"*

8:15 p.m.--Readings by Lan Samantha Chang and Carl Phillips

*Please note the later start time for this morning lecture

Tuesday, August 22

9:00 a.m.--Lecture by Edward Hirsch, “What Is the Task?: On Lyric Poetry”

4:15 p.m.--Readings by Emma Cline, Rick Barot, and David Shields

8:15 p.m.--Readings by Christopher Castellani and Sally Keith

Wednesday, August 23

9:00 a.m.--Lecture by Ann Hood, “Why Read?”

4:15 p.m.--Readings by Kia Corthron, Phillip B. Williams, and Luis Alberto Urrea

8:30 p.m.--Musical Program**

**Please note that this 8:30 p.m. program will take place in the Barn on the Bread Loaf campus

Thursday, August 24

9:00 a.m.--Lecture by Rick Barot, “The Authentic Voice”

4:15 p.m.--Readings by francine j. harris, Vanessa Hua, and Maud Casey

8:15 p.m.--Readings by Robert Cohen and Jennifer Grotz

Friday, August 25

9:00 a.m.--Lecture by  David Shields, “Life Is Short; Art Is Shorter: In Praise of Brevity”

4:15 p.m.--Readings by Jennifer Foerster, Allegra Hyde, Mike Scalise, and Rion Scott

8:15 p.m.--Reading by Michael Collier


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