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Each seminar runs only subject to sufficient student demand. According to the classic definition of the subject, the Crusades came to an end more than 700 years ago. Yet they remain important for understanding the rhetoric of conquest, power and resistance concerning the future of the modern Middle East. As a result, it is possible to argue that, of all medieval topics, the Crusades is the one that has retained the most resonance into the present day. This seminar series will focus on the ‘Age of the Crusades’, 1095-1291: this takes us from the First Crusade, which set out from western Europe to capture Jerusalem in 1099, to the final destruction of Latin Christian polities in the Levant in 1291. However, it will also examine the remarkable afterlife of the crusading movement, considering the shifts in the patterns of remembrance that reflect the interests and preoccupations of later periods.