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The dramatic modes, styles and intentions of the long eighteenth century are properly initiated in the years following the Restoration of 1660. As the Augustan era moved into the age of sensibility and pre-romanticism, the poets and playwrights of the eighteenth century responded to the evolving manners and concerns of their age with wit, style and charm, sometimes lyric, sometimes satiric, producing some of the most memorable literature in the English language.

Sample Topics

  • Vanbrugh, The Provok’d Wife
  • Congreve, The Way of the World
  • Gay, The Beggar’s Opera
  • Pope, The Rape of the Lock, Essay on Man
  • Thomson, The Seasons
  • Johnson, The Vanity of Human Wishes
  • Sheridan, The Rivals
  • Gray, selected verse
  • Collins, selected verse