Auditing by Enrolled Students and Spouses or Partners

At all campuses except Oxford, enrolled Bread Loaf students may audit another course in literature (not writing or theater arts) in addition to the two courses taken for credit. Students regularly registered for a course may not change their status to that of auditor without permission of the director.

Potential auditors should first check with the Bread Loaf office to see whether the instructor permits auditors and then ask the instructor's permission.

Spouses and partners of enrolled students may also request permission to audit. It has been a tradition since 1920 to ask auditors who are not enrolled students to pay the School $1.00 for each class hour to help the Bread Loaf office meet routine office expenses.

Outside Auditors

Formal auditing by non-enrolled current and former Bread Loaf students may be permitted on a case-by-case basis, for a fee of one half of the normal per-course fee for each course audited. Requests should be made in writing to the director. As is the case with all auditing, even paying auditors cannot audit writing or theater arts courses. Only students paying full tuition are permitted to live on campus. 

Because of Bread Loaf's small class size, we regret to say that we do not permit auditors from outside the Bread Loaf community.