Each unit at Bread Loaf is equivalent to three semester hours or four and one-half quarter hours of graduate credit. Classes at our U.S. campuses are valued at one unit each; Oxford classes are valued at two units each, one of which is constituted by independent study.

Although the normal course load is two units, students with a stellar academic record may request permission to take an Independent Reading Project, an Oxford Independent Tutorial, or a one-unit course in addition to the normal course load. No course counted toward a degree elsewhere can be counted toward a Bread Loaf degree. 

The normal summer program of study consists of two one-unit courses in New Mexico and Vermont, and one two-unit course at Oxford, with roughly half devoted to independent research.


In order to be used for a Bread Loaf master's degree, all credits must have been earned within 10 years of a student's initial enrollment at Bread Loaf. MA candidates must earn a grade of B- or better, and MLitt candidates must earn a grade of B or better, in order to receive course credit. This is also true of credits transferred to Bread Loaf from other institutions. No credits counted for a degree elsewhere can be transferred to Bread Loaf.


*For purposes of transferring Bread Loaf credits to other institutions, these are suggested equivalents.