Independent Reading Projects

With the approval of the associate director and an appropriate member of the faculty, qualified students may undertake an Independent Reading Project (IRP), to be carried out during the academic year and brought to completion, in consultation with a Bread Loaf faculty member, the following summer.

The IRP serves as the equivalent of a one-unit Bread Loaf course and involves comparable reading, research, and writing; the project culminates in a 30-35 page essay or portfolio, submitted in early April of the research year.

Students build the IRP from work done in a Bread Loaf course in which they have received an A- or higher, or they may draw on professional field work done in conjunction with the Bread Loaf Teacher Network; proposals are due at the end of the summer session before the research year. IRPs may be taken as part of the M.A. and M.Litt. degree and may fulfill group or field requirements. A tuition fee of $2,590 is charged for each reading project in summer 2015.

Read last summer's memo to Bread Loaf students about designing and proposing an independent project.

Independent Summer Reading Projects

Students who wish to pursue independent acting or directing projects may design an Independent Summer Reading Project, to be carried out during the summer session. Like the IRP, the summer reading project counts as the equivalent of a one-unit Bread Loaf course and must build on work done in a Bread Loaf course in which the student has received an A- or higher.

Proposals are due by February 14 and must be approved by the director of the program in theater as well as by Bread Loaf’s associate director. Cost is the same as that for the IRP. 


Oxford Independent Tutorials

Exceptional students attending Bread Loaf at Lincoln College, University of Oxford, may pursue an independent tutorial in addition to their primary course. These tutorial projects receive one unit of credit and should involve approximately the amount of reading and writing contained within a one-unit Bread Loaf course.

Students design their own courses of study; proposals are due February 14 and must be approved by Bread Loaf’s directorand a member of the Bread Loaf/Oxford faculty, who will supervise the student’s work during the ensuing summer. Students should register for the tutorial when they register for their primary Bread Loaf/Oxford course. A tuition fee of $2,590 will be charged for the tutorial in summer 2015.