Enrollment Deposit

In order to be officially enrolled in the Bread Loaf program for the summer, students must pay a non-refundable $400 deposit by the date indicated in the acceptance letter; the time allowed will vary from two to four weeks, depending on the time of year. The deposit should not be sent until receipt of the acceptance letter with the deposit-due date. The deposit may be temporarily waived if a student is applying for financial aid, in which case the deposit will be due within two weeks of receiving a financial aid decision. This enrollment deposit is applied to the student's total bill.

While we do not furnish receipts for the deposit, the final bill will reflect all payments made.


In an effort to promote sustainability at Middlebury College, all student account statements are now being delivered electronically. In mid-April, all deposited students will receive an e-mail with instructions for accessing their bills online. You will be able to view and download your bill, or pay it online. Bills must be paid no later than May 25. Students accepted after May 1 must pay the final bill upon notification. Please see www.middlebury.edu/offices/support/sfs/payment/summer_payment for more details.

Late Fees and Penalty Fees

A late fee will be charged for bills not paid by May 25, except for students admitted after May 1. 

Students who intend to live off-campus must notify the Bread Loaf office no later than May 1; students who move off-campus after May 1 will incur a penalty fee of $300.

Fee for Third Course, IRP, or Oxford Independent Tutorial

An additional fee of one-half of full tuition will be charged when students take a third course—or, in Oxford, an independent tutorial in addition to their regular tutorial—for credit.


Students who withdraw for medical reasons or serious emergencies forfeit the enrollment deposit but may receive refunds for any additional amounts paid as follows:

  • before the end of first week of classes: 60 percent of tuition and 60 percent of board;
  • before the end of second week of classes: 20 percent of tuition plus 20 percent of board;
  • no refunds after the end of the second week of classes.