Student Records and Confidentiality

In accordance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), students and former students of MiddleburyCollege have the right to inspect all educational records placed in their files after January 1975. Information on this policy is available at:

All first-year students are asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement form when they register at the beginning of their first Bread Loaf session. The form gives students the option of waiving or not waiving their rights to review materials placed in their Bread Loaf files, including student evaluations written by Bread Loaf faculty and letters of recommendation written by Bread Loaf administrators.

The form is placed in each student’s file, and the option chosen will remain in effect until the student notifies the director in writing that he or she wants to change it. If a student has waived his or her rights and then rescinds the waiver, any letters or evaluations written while the waiver was in effect will not be available for inspection or review by the student.

Students should note that evaluations and letters of recommendation will carry more credence when they are written under terms of confidentiality.