Course & Program Evaluations

Course Evaluations

For the collective benefit of the program, students will be asked to provide, anonymously, an evaluation of each of their Bread Loaf courses at the end of the summer session. Faculty allot 15 minutes of one class in the final week for this assessment, choosing one student to distribute and collect the forms at the end of one class session, and leaving the room while students complete the evaluation. The supervising student will then return the forms to the campus office immediately after class. Faculty will receive copies of the evaluations after the session ends.

The forms will ask students to respond to the following questions:

  • How effective was the overall design of course (topic, syllabus, reading load, assignments)?
  • What was the overall quality of instruction? 
  • What was your prior preparation or level of achievement in the subject matter?
  • Which, if any, of your skills (interpretation, writing, performing, speaking) have improved as a result of the course, and in what ways?
  • (How) has the course added to your professional development?
  • How might the course be improved?

Program Evaluations

Students will be asked to evaluate the Bread Loaf program and submit the evaluations digitally to the campus coordinator. This feedback about our orientation program, facilities, library and digital resources, curriculum and co-curricular activities, office support, and other areas will help us in our self-assessment.