Grades & Student Evaluations

Grades and Grade Reports

Bread Loaf uses a letter grade system—from A to F:

            A/A+               distinguished

            A- to B+          very strong

            B                     satisfactory  

            B-                    passing but problematic

            C+ or below    failing work.

            F                      incomplete performance.

The following policies apply: 

  • Students will not receive credit for courses in which they have earned a C+ or lower.    
  • Students who have earned one B- in a Bread Loaf course will be placed on academic probation until their record improves. During that time, their course and campus choices will need to be preapproved by the director.
  • Students who have earned more than one B- or who have earned a grade of C+ or lower may be denied readmission to the program. 

The Middlebury registrar's office will notify students as soon as their grades are posted.      

Student Evaluations

In addition to assigning grades, Bread Loaf faculty write detailed narrative appraisals of each student’s course work. In particular, evaluations will address each student’s achievements on each of the major assignments as well as progress across the course, assessing in some detail the student’s abilities as a writer, reader, discussant, and, where applicable, teacher and performer.

These evaluations are turned in to the Bread Loaf office at the end of the summer session and become part of all students’ permanent records. They are written under the condition of confidentiality when students have waived their rights to see them (see Student Records and Confidentiality below.) The Bread Loaf director and associate director use these evaluations in advising students and monitoring their progress, preparing letters of recommendation, making scholarship award determinations, and carrying out other kinds of academic assessments.