Advising & Course Registration

Academic Advising

The Bread Loaf director and associate director are available year-round to advise students about their status in the program and their course and campus choices. During the summer, Bread Loaf faculty are also available to assist on any academic matters.

Course Registration

Course registration begins the second or third week of February and continues on a rolling basis until the beginning of the summer session. Students will receive detailed registration information before the registration season begins. MA candidates will also receive a Group Unit Requirement form that outlines their progress toward the degree, listing the group and unit requirements they have so far fulfilled. MLitt students will receive an MLitt Concentration Requirements form that outlines their progress in fulfilling their concentration and unit requirements.

  • Students register online for courses using BannerWeb for the first two weeks of the registration period, in an order based primarily on seniority (years in the program). When a course is full, students will be added to a waitlist and, if the course reopens, offered a spot in the order in which they were added to the wait list; they will then have three days to accept the slot before it is offered to the next student in line.
  • Once online registration closes, students must e-mail registration requests to the coordinator of the campus they will be attending. They will be registered for courses on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following registration policies apply to all enrolled students: 

  • A student may take only one course by a given professor in a single summer.
  • MA students may take only one creative writing course (including those that are cross-listed) in a single summer. 
  • Courses are identified by a four-digit course number. Students may only repeat a course of a given number with prior permission of the director. Students may, however, take a creative writing course twice, as long as the instructor is different each time; no preapproval needed.
  • Students requesting to take three courses (including the completion of an IRP as a third course) need to obtain approval from the associate director (via their campus coordinator) prior to course registration.

Course Reading and Texts

Because the Bread Loaf session packs 12–14 weeks of graduate training into six weeks, it is essential that students do most of the course reading before they arrive. On the Vermont campus only, course texts can be ordered online through the Middlebury College bookstore ( before the session, or purchased at the campus bookstore (which also carries office and personal supplies). Students attending other campuses should buy their texts in advance of the session and bring them.