Learning Goals & Curriculum

Learning Goals

We aim to prepare all students to engage in complex thought through the interpretation of literary and critical texts and to write persuasive and original essays. In addition, we expect all MA. students to acquire broad familiarity with the fields of British, American, and world literature; and MLitt students to design and master a specialization with the fields of literature, pedagogy, or creative arts. We prepare students in the Bread Loaf Teacher Network to use new technologies to understand and develop effective teaching and learning practices.


The Bread Loaf curriculum is divided into six groups: 

            Group 1  Writing, Pedagogy, and Literacy

            Group 2  British Literature: Beginnings through the Seventeenth Century

            Group 3  British Literature: Eighteenth Century to the Present

            Group 4  American Literature

            Group 5  World Literature

            Group 6  Theater Arts