Course Transfers

Students may transfer up to two units of graduate credit (3 semester hours or 4.5 quarter hours each) from other institutions to Bread Loaf, to count towards the degree. The following requirements apply:

  • The course must be taken at an accredited institution. Online or correspondence courses are not acceptable for transfer to Bread Loaf.  
  • Each course must be a graduate level offering (often a 500 or 600 course number). For any course that is marked as both an advanced undergraduate and graduate course (often a 400/500 course number), the syllabus or the professor, in a letter or e-mail, must specify what work is required of graduate students to supplement the undergraduate requirements.
  • Each course must be worth 3 semester hours or 4.5 quarter hours. (Please note that some "quarter courses" may have lower credit values and are not acceptable for transfer.)
  • The course content must be comparable in subject matter, scope, and requirements to courses in the Bread Loaf curriculum. Transfer courses may fulfill any of the MA distributional requirements or MLitt field requirements for the degree.
  • Students must earn a letter grade of B or higher in a course, if that course is to be considered for transfer to Bread Loaf. 
  • Bread Loaf courses are usually transferable to other institutions. However, courses can count for one degree only: courses applied to degree credit elsewhere cannot be transferred to Bread Loaf; similarly, courses applied to a Bread Loaf degree cannot be transferred for credit to another degree program.   
  • Transferred course credits expire in 10 years.

Requests for course transfers should be addressed to the associate director, through Melissa Nicklaw in the Bread Loaf office. The process is as follows:

  • Students should request preapproval when possible, by submitting official catalog copy of the course description, including the catalog’s explanation of credit hours and course level.
  • To request approval, students must submit a course transfer form, syllabus from the course taken, course schedule, and, if not already submitted, a copy of the official catalog description detailing the course credit hours and course level (no links, please). Descriptions and explanations must be for the course that was actually taken, not for a version of that course offered in another term. Students must also make arrangements for an official transcript to be sent directly from the institution to the Bread Loaf office.

Please allow two weeks for the processing of preapproval and transfer requests. All transcripts for transfer courses must be submitted to the Bread Loaf office no later than June 10 of the senior summer.