Current Student Re-Enrollment

Re-enrollment for Returning Students

Returning students may re-enroll beginning July 15 of the application year by submitting the form available at No other application materials are required, except in the cases of students who have not attended Bread Loaf for 10 years; in those cases, candidates must apply as new students.

To be eligible to re-enroll:

  • Students must be in good academic standing, with all grades being B or higher.
  • Students who have earned one B- in a Bread Loaf course may re-enroll but will be placed on academic probation until their record improves. In order to continue in the program, students on probation must earn grades of B or better in all courses (see Academic Probation). Students who have earned more than one B- or have earned a failing grade (C+ or lower) may be denied re-enrollment.
  • Students with outstanding bills due to Middlebury will not be able to re-enroll until the bills are paid.

Re-enrollment decisions are made starting in December. Students who have submitted re-enrollment applications but are not eligible to re-enroll will receive notice from the director.

Campus Choice

New and returning candidates must select a single campus upon applying or re-enrolling. Campuses do fill, and students may not get their first choice; in that case, the Bread Loaf office will contact the applicant, who may opt to select another campus or remain on a wait list.

All degree candidates must attend the Vermont campus once. Students may ask that this requirement be waived, but waivers are approved rarely, and only in cases when attendance in Vermont is impossible. In addition, we encourage all students to attend as many of our campuses as possible in order to take advantage of the range of educational and cultural opportunities that Bread Loaf provides.

Because the two-unit courses at the Oxford campus include a unit of independent research (see Credits), students whose records suggest that they are not yet prepared for that challenge might not be admitted to the Oxford campus; in those cases, they will be contacted by the director and asked to select another campus.