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Financial Aid Packages

New and returning students may apply for Middlebury financial aid. All aid is need based and consists of grants and/or loans. 

  • A grant is direct assistance, which does not need to be repaid. Once the grant assistance has been accepted, the grant amount will be applied to the student bill.
  • Stafford Loans, which do need to be repaid, are available to degree students only.
    • The loans will be used to cover all outstanding charges on the student’s bill. Any additional funds provided by the loans will be refunded to the student after the start of classes. Because disbursement might be delayed, students should not count on having loan funds available at the start of classes.
    • Students are not required to accept the loans offered.

To apply for financial aid packages, students must file a Bread Loaf Financial Aid Form with Middlebury’s Office of Student Financial Services at

  • Forms are available, starting October 1 for the application year.
  • Students requesting loans will need to submit Stafford Loan Request Form and a current FAFSA (available January 1).

Financial aid packages are determined and distributed by Middlebury: all inquiries about financial aid should be directed to the Middlebury Office of Student Financial Services (not to the Bread Loaf office).