Billing & Refunds


Middlebury's Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) handles all billing matters. They will send billing information in April. Students may access their billing record on BannerWeb. Bills are due upon receipt (no later than May 25). Late fees will be assessed.

Late Fees and Penalty Fees

A late fee will be charged for bills not paid by May 25, except for students admitted after May 1. Students who intend to live off campus must notify the Bread Loaf office no later than May 1; students who move off campus after May 1 will incur a penalty fee of $300.


Students who withdraw voluntarily from the program will forfeit their enrollment deposits, but may, with the approval of the director, receive refunds for any additional amounts paid, as follows: 

  • 60% tuition / 60% board if the withdrawal happens during the first week of classes;
  • 20% tuition / 20% board if the withdrawal happens during the second week of classes;
  • no refunds after the second week of classes.

Any refund granted is remitted to the person who paid the charges. If a refund represents, in whole or part, the proceeds of a student loan, remittance is made first to the lender or holder of the loan.

Students should check with the Office of Student Financial Services regarding the financial consequences of withdrawing from the program or a course. Financial aid awards will be adjusted to reflect any changes in the student’s course load or status; students who withdraw from a course or the program may end up owing the College money.