Medical & Insurance Information

Campus Information pages detail medical services available at each campus. We encourage students to let the campus coordinator know if there is medical information that might assist us in an emergency.

  • Health Insurance. All students are expected to be covered by their own health insurance plans during the period that they are on site at Bread Loaf.
  • Accident Insurance. Middlebury provides accident—but not full medical—insurance forU.S. citizens during the period that they are enrolled in a Bread Loaf summer session. Covered treatments include x-rays, laboratory tests, surgery, physician’s visits, nursing care, hospital care and treatment, and prescription drugs.

Underwritten by Aetna Student Health Insurance, the policy will pay 100% of the Reasonable and Customary Charges for eligible medical expenses up to a total of $2,000 for any one accident and for eligible dental treatment of injuries to sound natural teeth up to a total of $1,000 for any one year. Claims will be paid only to the extent that they are not paid by other policies covering the student. Insurance for the summer term will be effective from the first of June to the first of September.

Claims should be reported within 30 days of the accident to:

Aetna Student Health Insurance
PO Box 981106
El Paso,TX 79998


Medical bills must be submitted within 90 days from the date of treatment. For questions about coverage or the claims process, the Plan Administrator at Gallagher Koster Agency (800.430.0687), or