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802.443.2200 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (EST)

Bread Loaf Director of Technology
Shel Sax:

Director of BreadNet
Caroline Eisner:

Course Hub

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Computer and Technology Support

Bread Loaf offers a number of electronic resources as well as computer labs and computer support staff at every campus.

BreadNet. Bread Loaf has its own communications network, BreadNet, which is a course management tool, and also functions as an e-mail server, an electronic bulletin board, a site for class folders and conferences, and a communications site for the Bread Loaf community throughout the year.

  • BreadNet is the primary means of communication at Bread Loaf, especially among the Bread Loaf office, administration, and students; we urge all students to use BreadNet during the summer.
  • All Bread Loaf students are provided with a BreadNet account (free of charge); our technology staff will help students install and learn the system. At registration, all enrolled students receive a current BreadNet Account Information sheet that outlines the basics of setting up an account and using BreadNet.
  • Students will have a BreadNet username and password (which are different from their Middlebury ID and PIN (see Middlebury ID).
  • Students wishing to have outside e-mail forwarded to their BreadNet account must make arrangements through their own e-mail provider.
  • The Director of BreadNet, Caroline Eisner, is available (usually at a moment’s notice) to give online support to BreadNet users year-round.

The Course Hub

The Course Hub is Middlebury’s gateway to course content for students and faculty. It is integrated with the Canvas learning management system. Information pertinent to Bread Loaf courses such as course syllabi, web sites, course blogs, electronic reserves, Google docs, or streaming audio/video may be posted on the Course Hub. Questions and requests for assistance should be directed to Shel Sax, director of technology.

  • To log into the Course Hub, students should go to and enter their Middlebury username and password.
  • When students log into the Course Hub, they will see the courses for which they are registered, with links to the course page for each course. 
  • Syllabi for each course will be available on the course pages by the beginning of the summer session. Faculty may also choose to post electronic reserves or other course materials on the site.