Letters of Recommendation

Requests for letters of recommendation should be directed to the associate director of Bread Loaf, Lyndon Dominique, through the Bread Loaf office (Melissa Nicklaw at 802-443-5187 or mnicklaw@middlebury.edu), not to Bread Loaf faculty.

These letters will incorporate comments written about you by your Bread Loaf professors, and they will be kept on file in the Bread Loaf office for future use. When asking for a recommendation, please include the name and address of the person to whom the letter should be mailed (e-mail address in the case of online submissions); please also include your own contact information if you're sending your request by mail. Requests should include information about deadlines, and any forms or envelopes required. These requests should be received by the Bread Loaf office at least one month before the letters are needed.

Middlebury College's Career Services Office does not offer a credentials service; they recommend the online credentials service Interfolio (www.interfolio.com).