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Comments Continued

“Laura van den Berg did a phenomenal job leading the workshop. She used issues in the individual pieces as a way to bring up craft lessons that were applicable to everyone. As someone with an MFA who's been in 15+ workshops over the last 12 years, I still came away with new ways of seeing and approaching craft, as well as a number of clear insights about my own revision process and story collection. Laura was gentle yet rigorous and so generous with her time. Kristen Iskandrian, our fellow, also did a fantastic job and had a very direct and clear way of broaching the major issues each piece of writing was grappling with.” 
– Joy Baglio
Northampton, MA

“Monica Youn's lecture on revision basically changed my whole life; for the first time in years I felt like I knew the sort of work I needed to do to finish my manuscript. She covered so much ground, and yet I never felt lost. I left feeling energized and excited to get back to the page.”
– Gabrielle Bates
Seattle, WA

“The lectures were simply brilliant, every one of them. Well organized, delivered with humor and heart.” 
– Alison Hubbard
Huntington, NY

“The lectures were AMAZING. They were by far my favorite part of the conference. Each writer crafted an intellectual "journey" for the audience that was truly enlightening. I have pages of useful notes from these.”
– Clarence Orsi
Baltimore, MD

“The diversity panel was amazing. It was great to hear the panelists’ backgrounds, histories, and where they are now in the lit scene and in their own writing journeys.”
– Suhail Mandani
New York, NY

“Patrick Donnelly's talk "How to be a Good Public Reader of Your Own Work" was incredibly engaging, practical and FUN! He had the room in stitches on multiple occasions and it truly felt like a bonding experience for the attendees. The fact he was giving useful tools felt like a bonus. Truly fabulous.”
Elizabeth Ross
Encinitas, CA

“I loved the sense of community that the Blue Parlor Readings fostered. It was really lovely to hear people's work read aloud.”
– Annette Wong
Los Angeles, CA

“I attended the LGBTQ reading (as a reader) and the Dark Tower reading. Both were energetic and exciting and extremely valuable. It was great to read alongside my community at the LGBTQ reading—and to find my community in the crowd.”
– Noah Bogdonoff
Providence, RI

“The yoga classes deeply enriched the experience of the conference for me, and helped me to stay grounded, relaxed, focused, and healthful.”
– Francisco Cantú
Tucson, AZ

“My meetings with editors and agents were excellent! Even guests with whom I did not have scheduled meetings were happy to chat with me outside their schedules. This is one of the most useful aspects of Bread Loaf, as it is very hard for new writers to meet agents and editors.”
– Madhur Anand
Guelph, Ontario

“Bread Loaf is a special place.  It was, without question, the greatest professional experience of my life.”
– TJ Wells
Brooklyn, NY

“I came to Bread Loaf feeling like an outsider. I left feeling like I belonged.”
– Xavier Richardson
Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for allowing me to be part of this amazingly talented and generous community of writers, for encouraging and inspiring me to work even harder. And perhaps the greatest gift are the new friendships I formed during the conference.”
Aggie Zivaljevic
San Jose, CA

“The values that were evident: respect for honest and challenging conversation, creativity, respect, kindness...these come from good leadership. You did an amazing job of creating a space for excellence and genuine community to emerge.”
Sean Sakamoto
New York, NY

“As an LGBTQ writer I felt incredibly welcomed and supported by the Bread Loaf community. I was thrilled that the LGBTQ community was represented at all levels of the conference—from staff, to fellows, to scholars and contributors. I was also impressed by the level of representation in terms of people of color and women. Representation matters and the community felt authentically intersectional. This level of diversity was my favorite part of the Bread Loaf experience. There was an incredible, ongoing dialogue about the importance of making room for a wide range of voices within the world of literature.”
– Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Los Angeles, CA

“As a woman of color, I found Bread Loaf to be a welcome and inclusive community for writers. Initially, I was apprehensive about attending, but I am extremely happy that I came. I thought Bread Loaf did a great job with having faculty of color, in particular, as well as general participants, social staff, scholars, and work-study scholars of color, as well as LGBTQ participants. I loved that Bread Loaf had the Dark Tower reading, in addition to lectures and panels discussing race and ethnicity, and, by extension, history and politics.”
Daphne Palasi Andreades
Brooklyn, NY


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