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“I've been writing for twenty years, and Bread Loaf turned out to be the most transformative experience of my writing life. That's not hyperbole. Everything I attended, every conversation I had, it all had a wondrous, cumulative effect. Workshops, my one on one meeting with Natasha Trethewey, my conversation with Jeff Shotts, my conversation with Elaina Ellis, my time spent listening to lectures and attending panels, my late-night discussions with my amazing roommate, all of it came together in a way that lifted me to a higher place. I came home with a renewed sense of purpose and a renewed commitment to my craft.”
--Sarah McKinstry-Brown
Omaha, NE

“I met with Amy Holman, and it was outstanding. I have a whole submission plan now that I'm really excited about.”
--Lisa Moore
Austin, TX

“This workshop was by far the most inspiring and useful workshop that I have ever attended. James Longenbach is not only brilliant, but he pushed the class to examine poems emphasizing the details of the syntax, language, and movement, avoiding the pitfalls of simply offering opinions. I was extremely energized by the members of the workshop; the participants were very talented and respectful, and the poems were quite diverse. I feel incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing workshop.”
--Alexandra Wade
Locust Valley, NY

“Meeting with Jeff Shotts and Amy Holman provided me with some new ideas about how to put together my manuscript, as well as giving me some new ideas about publishers to approach.  Wonderful.”
--Kris Bigalk
Minnetonka, MN

“Jane Brox led and taught the workshop with ease, skill, expertise, wit, and charm. Every moment was fruitful as she had read the manuscripts and prepared thoroughly. She gave us additional passages and articles to read that were extremely helpful. And Ted Genoways, the fellow, had extremely insightful comments as an editor and a great sense of humor. The two worked well together and complimented each other. The participants were respectful and thoughtful and several were very experienced at critiquing manuscripts. I learned so much.”
--Ellen Garfield
South Kingstown, RI

“Ladette Randolph was not only informative, but a nice person with a great understanding of the writer's pursuit of publication. She allowed me to pitch a story, showed interest, and gave me a chance to email her directly with my piece. For a publication like Ploughshares, this is big!!!”
--Christine Bagley
Andover, MA

“From the very first moments, I could send that there is a culture of community and mutual support at Bread Loaf, with focus on the work and on why we make it. I left the conference feeling a renewed patience for my writing.”
--Lajla Cline
Tucson, AZ

“I'm very grateful to everyone for an extraordinary ten days. I feel revivified, validated, embraced by the community, and rededicated to my work.”
--Edward Porter
Oakland, CA

“Thank you for this life changing experience. This was my first time truly feeling like a member of a writerly community, and I foresee the experience sustaining me in years to come.”
--Rebecca Sacks
Ottawa, ON

“The Work Helen Schulman very obviously put into preparing before the conference made for a splendid experience for me. She took the time to discover each writer’s needs, each writer’s expectations. Notable also was her ability to forge community among strangers who would be together only a short time.” 
--Margaret DeAngelis
Harrisburg, PA

“The dining hall was a wondrous place at Bread Loaf, where famous writers and writing teachers and students of all levels, including people who were just beginning, were in a world where all were equal for a time, where the generosity of so many wonderful writers opened space for beginners and learners.”
--Annita Sawyer
North Branford, CT

“I found not only inspiration and encouragement, but good solid instruction and enlightenment that will influence how I work.”
--Mary Winsor
Bountiful, UT

“This conference has done more for my writing career than I had thought possible.  The relationships that are formed and our access to agents and editors are unparalleled and have given me the inspiration I need to carry my work forward.”
--Kawai Wasburn
Washington, DC

“This was a fabulous, incredible conference. I'm having a hard time decompressing. The beautiful Vermont light, the fields filled with golden-rod, the path to the river, the yellow buildings -- all still in my mind. Still replaying the lectures, the workshops, the readings, the craft classes, the meals, the conversations: so interesting, intimate, and intense. It's been difficult to leave all that behind. The conference is amazing.  The opportunities to absorb and talk about writing abundant.”
--Beth Aviv
New York, NY

“I like how the craft and marketing aspects of the workshops were separate. However, I believe I got the best advice on both aspects of writing. The magnitude of the opportunity really hit me one afternoon when I went into the barn and saw all these aspiring writers meeting one on one with agents, editors and published authors. I am thrilled to have had this enriching experience and feel more able as I return to the craft and business of my writing!”
--Angel Gunn
Charlottesville, VA

"As a college professor for more than 20 years, I was impressed with Jane Alison’s teaching; her workshops were a perfect cocktail of thoughtfulness, fun, insight, and instruction.” 
--Peter Marber
Boston, MA

“The Bread Loaf experience was incredible - getting to meet so many wonderful writers and esteemed staff and guests, attend powerful, inspiring readings and helpful lectures, and having a workshop with such a fabulous teacher. I live in NYC, so the setting was absolutely stunning, and I particularly loved being able to walk/hike around campus.”
--Holly Pekowsky
New York, NY

“I’ve never had a workshop leader like Peter Ho Davies, who has clearly devoted so much time to analyzing the manuscripts and writing detailed critiques.”
--Jim Tilley
Bedford Corners, NY

“I had not expected to be taken so seriously as a writer. This has made a deep mark and will change me.”
--Ellen Michaelson
Portland, OR

“Our workshop had a fantastic sense of camaraderie. Comments were tough, but they very clearly came from a place of great care. Ann Hood and Brando Skyhorse created a family.”
--Melissa Ferrone
Morgantown, WV

“Jane Alison was an amazing workshop leader. She brought out the best in us as writers and people, which is all you can ask of a teacher.  I don’t know quite how she did it (and so quickly!), but we all gave each other very intensive, hard-hitting critiques and still liked one another at day’s end.  I can’t speak highly enough of her rigor and kindness.”
--Brooke Wonders
Cedar Falls, IA

“Best experience in my writing life by far.  I will cherish the craft even more for the people I met here.”
--Jane Miller
Wilmington, DE

“There was great energy in the room, as well as a tremendous amount of knowledge, encouragement, and, perhaps most importantly, respect for each writer—their work and their backgrounds.”
--Catherine McCullough
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“For me, the classes were the jewel in the Bread Loaf crown—useful beyond words, demystifying, inspiring, fun, informative—a great chance to experience the vast array of talent and to flex writing muscles.
--Hope Chernov

Maplewood, NJ

 “I came to this a bit intimidated and I found it to be a welcoming and supportive community spanning several generations.  The authors were all approachable and ready to help.  Loved it.”
--Catherine Donovan

Rye, NY

“Perhaps the best part of Bread Loaf is the relaxed, supportive atmosphere of the place, which comes from the experienced, intelligent management, the open yet contained landscape, and the built-in emphasis on mutual improvement.  It’s all very, very well done.”
--Char Gardner

Baltimore, MD

“I learned so much from the workshops, craft classes, and lectures.  I made some very important connections that I believe will only help to push my writing career forward.  I met some incredible people and had so many enriching conversations about writing and reading.”
--Jason Anthony
Damariscotta, ME  

“Margot Livesey is sublime. I arrived a skeptic of workshops and left an optimist for my writing life.” 
--Chaney Kwak
San Francisco, CA

 “I learned more in these last 10 days about talking about poetry—as well as about offering and receiving assistance to become our best selves—than in my entire writing career.”
--Donna Spruijt-Metz
Los Angeles, CA


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