Thanks to the generosity of Middlebury College and also many donors and former Bread Loafers who have contributed, Bread Loaf is able to offer substantial financial aid to writers at different levels of experience and publication. 

Financial aid is awarded in recognition of published work or literary promise, and financial need has no bearing on our decisions, except as noted. Awards must be used in the year they are granted.

Writers are invited to apply to the conference at three general levels—Contributor, Scholar, or Fellow.

Contributor Level

Contributors are strong writers with a range of experience but see themselves as in the early stages of their literary careers or as ongoing learners of the literary arts. Though some may have a literary background and/or MFA, some may not, and many at this level will not have started publishing yet in magazines and periodicals, though some may have a publication or two in place or forthcoming.

Learn more about financial aid at the contributor level.

Scholar Level

Scholars are writers who have begun to distinguish themselves by publications in literary journals and magazines or by other prizes, fellowships, or awards. Scholars see themselves as emerging writers who would still benefit from participating in the workshop with work-in-progress. Some scholars will have published in a few magazines to date while others will be further along with a list of publications and prizes in place. Scholars should not have a book accepted for publication or already published.

Learn more about financial aid at the scholar level.

Fellow Level

Normally fellowship applicants must have published their first or second book in English within the last four years in the genre in which they are applying, but due to the unusual circumstances this year, for the 2021 conference, writers who have published a book within a five-year window will be eligible to apply in 2021. Applicants whose most recent book was published between the years 2016 and 2021 will be eligible. We have made this adjustment for the 2021 application process understanding that 2020 would have otherwise been the final year for the writer to be eligible to apply for any category of financial aid offered by the conference.

Fellows assist a faculty member in workshop and do not have their own work reviewed during the conference.

Learn more about financial aid at the fellow level.