Middlebury Bread Loaf Writers’ Conferences Approach to COVID-19

Updated on 04 07 23

COVID-19 Policies and Recommendations

As we plan to welcome participants, faculty, staff, and guests to the Bread Loaf campus this summer, we would like to highlight the current approach here to help attendees prepare for their time at the conferences.

As COVID-19 has become endemic, Middlebury has resumed normal operations, while continuing core health and safety measures to minimize the potential of its spread. A key part of this approach is an emphasis on personal responsibility. Individuals should consult with their healthcare provider and consider their risks and the risks of those they spend time with when determining which discretionary measures are most helpful for them.

  • All of Middlebury’s campuses, including Bread Loaf Campus, are mask friendly and mask optional. We recommend bringing a mask with you to campus, if you wish. Masks will also be available on the Bread Loaf Campus while supplies last.
  • Testing is a helpful tool for preventing the spread of illness. We encourage attendees to bring antigen test kits with them to campus to have on hand in case they are needed; rapid test kits will be available on campus while supplies last.
  • While COVID-19 vaccination is strongly recommended, rather than required, all attendees are encouraged to follow CDC guidance and stay up-to-date on their vaccinations.
  • Individuals who discover that they have COVID-19 in the time leading up to the conference and during the conference should follow CDC guidance around seeking treatment and isolation.
    • Attendees will agree not to travel to Bread Loaf if they are currently sick or symptomatic.
    • Once on campus, Bread Loaf attendees agree to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms during the conference.
  • Anyone who contracts COVID-19 (confirmed by a positive antigen test) while on campus will be expected to leave promptly for their own health and also for the safety of the campus community. Though a tuition refund is not possible, any who made a room and board payment to Middlebury College will receive a prorated refund for that room and board payment.

Participant Housing on Campus

We understand that participants may have questions about housing on the Bread Loaf campus. Bread Loafers should be aware that housing is shared. Most rooms on the Bread Loaf campus are doubles. Bathrooms are shared by floor.

Participants who would like to be guaranteed a single may arrange to stay in off-campus housing. In this case, it’s possible to pay for tuition only; it’s also possible to pay for tuition and board for those who wish to stay off campus and have meals provided by the conference. See the conference Dates and Fees page for details.

Those who choose to stay off-campus make their housing arrangements and then inform Bread Loaf staff. A list of hotels and other accommodations can be found at the Addison County Chamber of Commerce website. Other resources include Craigslist, AirBnB, and VRBO. Please note that any off-campus lodging will require a vehicle in order to commute to the Bread Loaf campus in Ripton.

For further details on Middlebury’s approach to COVID-19, please see the Middlebury COVID-19 Updates Page and consult the CDC COVID page for guidance.