Bread Loaf and Teachers

The summer-only schedule makes Bread Loaf ideally suited for teachers, and some 80 percent of our students are middle and high school teachers. They take classes that deepen and expand their knowledge of the subjects they teach, and they constantly observe and discuss pedagogy in action, learning from Bread Loaf faculty and from each other. After classes have ended, students can join our virtual community of teachers and learners, as they stay in touch year-round using BreadNet, our computer network.

Bread Loaf is always in search of funding for special fellowships for teachers (from foundations, from state departments of education, from city school systems, etc.). The terms of this outside funding often provide the means for Bread Loaf students, their classrooms, and Bread Loaf faculty and staff to work year-round, to the ultimate benefit of both teachers and students. Read more about the work of the Bread Loaf Teacher Network.

Although the Bread Loaf program is designed mainly with secondary-school teachers in mind, in fact roughly 20% of the students who attend Bread Loaf each summer are not teachers; they have in the past been free-lance writers, editors, workers for non-profits, doctors, lawyers, and virtually any other profession you can name.

A Bread Loaf education has also served as a conduit to Ph.D. programs and university teaching for a number of its graduates over the years.

The major prerequisite for attending Bread Loaf is an impassioned interest in reading, writing, and intelligent discussion.


Professor William Nash speaks about the connection between teachers and the Bread Loaf School of English.