Do I have to be a teacher to apply to Bread Loaf? (click)

No. Just over 80% of Bread Loaf students are teachers, mostly, but not exclusively, secondary-school teachers of English, language arts, humanities, and history. But we have many students who come to Bread Loaf from professions as varied as journalism, publishing, medicine, and the law. We also have students who come simply for the love of good literature or a desire to work on their own writing.

Does everyone have to pay the $75 application fee? (click)
The application fee is required, except in the following cases: (1) If you applied to Bread Loaf previously, and paid the fee, you do not have to pay it again. (2) The fee is waived for Middlebury College students and alumni (including Middlebury Language School students and alumni).
I've been out of college for 15 years and don't have any of my old papers. What can I submit as a writing sample? (click)

A piece of academic writing, even if it is some years old, is most useful to us. You can always rewrite or update old papers. But if you don't have a piece of academic writing in hand, you write a brief essay specifically for this application, or submit a piece of creative writing, or a report that you've written for your job, or article in the local newspaper--any piece of writing that demonstrates your ability to write well and/or think critically.

Does my application HAVE to be complete before I mail it to Bread Loaf, or can I send materials to Bread Loaf as I collect them? (click)

Although we recommend sending everything together in one packet, we don't require it. In some cases, especially if you're trying to meet a certain deadline, it might make more sense to have letters and transcripts sent directly to Bread Loaf in order to save time.

Only completed applications can be reviewed for admission. The big advantage to sending everything together is that you control the submission and you know for certain that it's complete. If you're sending materials in at different times, we strongly recommend that you check in with us periodically to make sure the various pieces have arrived. A missing letter or transcript can hold up the admission process indefinitely.

Do I have to go to Vermont my first summer? (click)

No. First-year students can apply to any of the three Bread Loaf campuses. Most summers you will find first-year students at all three campuses.

Can I apply to more than one campus at the same time? (click)

No, you can apply to only one campus. But if, after applying or after you are accepted, your circumstances change and you need to go to a different campus, a switch should be possible if there's room at the campus to which you want to switch.

When will I hear about admission? (click)
In mid-January we mail letters to all applicants whose completed applications were received by the beginning of the admission period. After that, we do rolling admissions. We do our best to respond within two weeks of receiving your completed application.
What if my first-choice campus is full? (click)

If you're offered admission to Bread Loaf but the campus for which you have applied is full, you will be offered the choice of either a place on the waitlist or immediate admission to another campus at which there is room. It is possible to switch from the waitlist and choose enrollment at another campus at any time, providing there is room.

Can I enroll in one campus and be on the waitlist for another? (click)
No. You need to make the decision to commit to either the waitlist or enroll at a different campus.
If I'm on the waitlist, can I register for courses? Will I hear about financial aid? (click)

You cannot register for courses while you are on the waitlist. 

The Office of Student Financial Services cannot review a financial aid application until the applicant is accepted and enrolled in a specific campus (and off the waitlist).

If I apply to, say, the New Mexico campus, does that mean I can go only to New Mexico for the rest of my Bread Loaf degree? (click)

No, you may go to different campuses in different summers. The only requirement is that everyone must spend one summer at the home campus in Vermont.

I was accepted to Bread Loaf last year, but had to cancel. What do I need to do to apply for this coming summer? (click)

We keep on file for two years the applications of new applicants who withdraw their applications or cancel before they attend. To reapply you will simply need to reactivate your application by completing the new student application form (typically available in mid-July for the following summer).

Can I live off-campus? Can I bring my family? (click)
Yes. If you choose to live off campus, you will be responsible for contacting landlords and making your own arrangements. At the US campuses, students with families must live off campus, while at the Oxford campus, there is some Lincoln College family housing available. For more information, contact the Bread Loaf office in Vermont.
How is housing assigned? (click)

When you are admitted, your admission packet will include a housing form on which you can put any special housing needs or requests. The Bread Loaf office will try  to accommodate reasonable requests. You will receive your room assignment when you arrive at the Bread Loaf campus. On-campus housing options are outlined in the description of each campus in the "Bread Loaf Campuses & Course Listings" section of this Web site, and students will receive more detailed information when they are admitted.