Bread Loaf Faculty

Bread Loaf faculty are assembled from some of the finest colleges and universities in the U.S. and the U.K. While their areas of expertise and research interests vary widely, one thing they all share is a passion for teaching at Bread Loaf. 

Jeffrey Nunokawa, Professor of English, Princeton University
Courses taught at Bread Loaf: The Essay and its Vicissitudes, The Social Character of the Victorian Novel


Listen to an interview in which Jeffrey Nunokawa describes why he believes in uncovering the secrets of a text.


Will Nash, Professor of American Studies and English and American Literatures, Middlebury College
Courses taught at Bread Loaf: Reading Slavery and Abolitionism, Ideas of Freedom in 19th-century American Literature, Urban Black America: Texts and Contexts, African American Literature since 1940
Watch an interview in which Will Nash describes what makes Bread Loaf unique.
Stuart Sherman, Professor of English, Fordham University
Courses taught at Bread Loaf: To Catch the English Crown: Shakespeare's History Plays; Laugh, Cry, Hum, Quake: Comedies and Tragedies, Musicals and Melodramas, London 1737-1979; Shakespeare and Companies: Three Plays, Six Centuries; The Novel and "I" in the Eighteenth Century and After
Listen to Stuart Sherman explain why he's never happier than when he's on his way to Bread Loaf.