Comments Continued

“The classes were excellent and extremely useful. Emily Louise Smith of Ecotone had lots of information about the process of publishing as well as great tips for placement of writing.  Matt Weiland of W.W. Norton generously shared insights and hints based on his longtime experience in the field. I was very grateful for the honest advice and insider knowledge I could never have gotten elsewhere. It was an amazing week.” 
– Lisa McLoughlin
Northfield, MA

“It was a dream come true to get to go to Bread Loaf, and I was not disappointed. It was a fantastic experience.”
– Beth Browne
Garner, NC

“I can’t imagine a richer, more fulfilling and energizing workshop - a transformative experience as a writer and as a reader.”
 Victoria Doerper
Bellingham, WA

“The conference was valuable and inspiring.  I am moved by the generosity of all the faculty and staff and loved the recurring theme of writing from joy and celebration.  I feel re-charged!”
 Darcy Dobell
Vancouver, British Columbia

“Craig Childs was a wonderful facilitator.  I felt like I learned immensely from every piece we workshopped.“
Rose Linke
Oakland, CA

“Ross Gay was incredible – both his reading and his craft lecture.”
Anjali Vaidya
Oceanside, CA

“Pam Houston is a fantastic teacher.  She is funny and witty but more importantly gives incisive and useful feedback to each student.  She meets each student where he or she is and never makes anyone feel less.”
Donna Coffey Little
Acworth, GA

“Ginger Strand is a superlative workshop leader! She helped us create a collegial, giving, hard-working, attentive community….She provoked rich conversation through brilliant questions and insights, and supported our steady navigation through unfamiliar texts. Ginger is a master!”
Mary Bilderback
Lakewood, NJ

"The classes with Brigid Hughes, Luis Alberto Urrea, [and] Pam Houson, were amazing, informative and inspiring.  Sitting across from Luis Urrea was worth the tuition!”
 – Casey Moynihan
Raymond, ME

“Each Bread Loafer reading had its own distinct feel and flavor. Listening to the writers and poets perform – and I do mean it as a performance – takes the craft to a whole different level.  Bravo!”
William Cocke
Batesville, VA

“This was an amazing conference.  I came away with a sense of community, a crucial element for a craft ultimately done alone.”
Isaac Yuen
Coquitlam, British Columbia

“The small scale, shared purpose, and the Bread Loaf setting and format made this conference a wonderful experience.  As many commented, the group that gathered was welcoming, ego-free; all seemed to be there in service to the greater cause.  Bravo to all!”
- Meredith Davies Hadaway
Chestertown, MD

“A factor that helped to make this conference so successful was the cross-seeding of disciplines.  Having scientists and researchers made it all more invigorating, a place where ideas thrived.  We were all there for writing purposes, but also because we cared passionately about this one issue.”
- Antonia Malchik
Blooming Grove, NY

“The conference surpassed every expectation and hope I had for this experience.  It was challenging at moments and deeply rewarding throughout.”
- Deirdre Duffy
Hansville, WA

“I appreciated the size and topics.  I think Orion brought with it a ground view.  It wasn’t just about connecting/publishing but about nature, environment, and writing.”
- Tori McCagg
Jaffrey, NH

“Rick Bass always got to the heart of what was genuine and what was not and quickly we grew to trust him.  It was a generous group that was very supportive.”
- Sandra Neily

Wiscasset, ME

“The readings were so lovely—entertaining, community-building, inspiring!”
- Chelsea Biondolillo
Clearmont, WY

“Meals were superb, housing was more than adequate, book store staff was helpful, upbeat, and super friendly!”
- Ned Olmsted
Westmoreland, NH

"Maurice Manning was an excellent workshop moderator. He was lovely to be around, and lead discussions in a nourishing way.  My individual meeting with him was the best I’ve had.”
- Nick Sirianno
Chautauga, NY


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