Comments Continued

"This was a highly organized, top-notch conference in a setting that cannot be matched for its history and beauty."
Shelley McEuen-Howard
Twin Falls, ID

"I left with a sense of camaraderie and warmth for my fellow workshop members as well as a deep respect for their individual artistic pursuits."
John Davenport
Joplin, MO

"My practice of writing has evolved from a sideline hobby to a primary activity in my life because of conversations, feedback and inspiration at Bread Loaf. I better understand how to build the infrastructure of my work." 
Christie Green
Santa Fe, New Mexico

“The sense of community among all the participants, guests, and faculty is immediate and palpable. Everyone feels welcome in a friendly group of like-minded and curious fellow writers whose concerns overlap, individually and collectively. There is no sense here that (to mangle John Donne) ‘another person's success diminishes me.’ Rather, there is a fellow-feeling, a sense that we are all here to help one another achieve our goals for our work. [The conference] oxygenates my usual life of teaching, advising, writing, and college governance work and helps me do all of these things better throughout the year. It is a source of personal and creative strength and growth that has become very meaningful, even magical, to me.”
– Amy Weldon
Decorah, Iowa

 “Bread Loaf [Environmental Writers’ Conference] is invested in bringing marginalized voices into the environmental conversation and amplifying them.” – Leslieann Hobayan
New Jersey

“I'm incredibly grateful for this conference and for having attended it. I especially loved the community -- since it attracts writers interested variously in "environmental" issues, most of the people care deeply about something bigger than themselves, and I really appreciate that.”
John Linstrom
New York, NY

“The overall take away from agent/editor meetings was a clear picture for how to position my efforts toward publication.”
Linda Gibson
Norwalk, CT

“John Elder was an excellent workshop leader, providing a format for critiquing each other's work productively, with a particular emphasis on dealing with structural issues in our pieces. John was also very supportive outside the workshop, providing great advice not just on individual pieces of work and on writing, but also on how to structure life and career so as to be able to write seriously.” 
Anna Blair
United Kingdom

“As both a creative writer and literature scholar, I so much appreciated how there was a theoretical element to this conference, and the lectures were among my very most favorite parts of the entire experience.”
Lucien Darjeun Meadows
Fort Collins, CO

“I don't think I've been to a writing conference that delivered consistently powerful, useful, and inspiring lectures, workshops, and readings over an entire week! They all lit a fire in me!”
Rebecca Myers
Decatur, GA

“Ross Gay set the tone for a both rigorous and delightful workshop experience for everyone. I was very impressed by the quality of the work submitted for consideration, as well as the level of comments and discussions.”
Sarah Audsley
Franconia, NH

“I was so impressed with the level of experience and acumen of my fellow workshop participants. The feedback and friendship from people who are already widely published and/or hold advanced degrees was a unique benefit, I think, of coming to Bread Loaf versus other writing conferences.”
Barbara Tannenbaum
San Rafael, California

“Megan Mayhew Bergman was one of the best workshop leaders I've ever had. She gives full, enthusiastic, personalized attention to her contributors, blending insight into craft with advice for future goals and opportunities. Her knowledge of related literature is great, always able to point to multiple examples of published works that might be helpful to a developing writer.”
Charles Kaufmann
Portland, ME

“Our [workshop] members were thoughtful, literary, engaging and engaged, diverse (!), attentive, and dedicated to the time we spent together. Lasting friendships were made.”
Susan Hirsch
Guermeville, California

“I loved Robin's [Wall Kimmerer] thoughtful approach to our workshop. From the way she organized each day's manuscripts for review based on some similar theme, to the interesting mix of activities she interspersed throughout our time together, Robin really made us feel like we were part of a special, and cohesive, group.”
Daisy Simmons
Nevada City, CA

“My group of writers were quite incredible. The feedback that each person provided was extremely thoughtful and honest, and although my own work was not workshop because I audited the class, I learned a great deal listening to others' comments and analyses of the works that were presented.”
Michelle Ashkin
New York, NY

“I found that the lectures enriched the conference experience as they formed a thread for each day's conversations, and at the same time advanced the broader conversation on why we were there. I love that each writer's perspective was so different from the rest.”
Angela Herrmann
Indianapolis, IN

“Participating in the conference has made me better informed, energized, and eager to apply what I learned to my own projects in progress.”
Monica Raveret Richter
Greenfield Center, NY

“The lectures were the high point of the conference. Each was beautifully prepared, thoughtful, and illuminating."
– Kathy Winograd
Littleton, CO

“The classes were excellent and extremely useful. Emily Louise Smith of Ecotone had lots of information about the process of publishing as well as great tips for placement of writing.  Matt Weiland of W.W. Norton generously shared insights and hints based on his longtime experience in the field. I was very grateful for the honest advice and insider knowledge I could never have gotten elsewhere. It was an amazing week.” 
– Lisa McLoughlin
Northfield, MA

“It was a dream come true to get to go to Bread Loaf, and I was not disappointed. It was a fantastic experience.”
– Beth Browne
Garner, NC


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