Comments Continued

“The conference was a great experience. Not only did I learn an enormous amount that I will continue to absorb in the coming months, I come away with new professional contacts—several fellow workshoppers and I will be staying in touch and exchanging work.”
--Linda Baker
New York, NY

“Maureen Freely read our submissions closely and had useful comments and intelligent, thought-provoking questions for us about our word/rhythm choices; and her teaching style encouraged participation and a sense of cohesiveness.”
--Gretchen Brown Wright
Cedar Rapids, IA

“The morning lectures were excellent with lots of valuable information.”
--Janet Ikeda
Lexington, VA

“I received excellent comments in Susan Bernofsky’s workshop and there was a very high level of discussion.”
-- Laura Marris
Brooklyn, NY

“Maureen Freely’s experience as both a novelist and literary translator enriched our workshop conversations greatly! Maureen was deft in getting at the core of what mattered in the text submitted by each participant and drawing out broader lessons on literary translation from each example.  I also particularly appreciated the individual session with Maureen, and her generous spirit--focused on expanding the community of literary translators to collaborate and help advance our collective work.”
--Janice Jaffe
Brunswick, ME

“Bill Johnston fostered open exchanges and a diplomatic tone.  I found the mixed genre format opened more discussion. The individual meeting was key!”
-- Jana Gutiérrez
Auburn, AL

“Susan Bernofsky’s lecture, “Finding a Language for the Past,” was a stand-out! Excellent and useful. Organized and inspiring.”
-- Lisa Ortiz
San Francisco, CA

“I enjoyed attending the Bread Loafer Readings and found the environment warm and supportive.”
-- Sam Griswold
Brooklyn, NY

“I would absolutely recommend the conference to a friend. I’m so happy I was involved in year one and hope to be part of the 2016 conference.”
-- Sam Bett
Brooklyn, NY

“The readings by Bread Loaf Translators’ and Bread Loaf Orion faculty in the Little Theatre were outstanding!”
-- Jill Timbers
Normal, IL 

“The introductory workshop instructor was incredibly attentive to our individual interests and objectives, and incorporated many ideas/ways of thinking about translation into the Introductory Workshop.  The combination of reading and practice was very helpful.  Since she is a teacher as well as a writer, she has insight into how to bring translation practices into the classroom, which is what I was looking for; I also greatly appreciate her encouragement to begin my own project and the writing tips that she gave about how to approach it.”
Jennifer Larson
Lebanon, NJ

“The visiting agents provided a wealth of practical information and were very generous and approachable.”
Jana Guttiérez
Auburn, AL

“Chad Post’s ‘Copyrights and Publishing’, the panel ‘On Publishing Literary Translations’, Maureen Freely’s class on the status of translators in Britain, and Bill Johnston’s ‘Translating Dialogue for the Stage’—all provided essential practical advice for us.”
-- Barbara McEvoy Sepe Bentley
Hope, ME 

“It was a great experience to be in a workshop with people working from all different languages – it made discussion really interesting and I learned a lot.”
-- Kappes Emmons
Beebe Plain, VT


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