Thanks to support from the Katharine Bakeless Nason Endowment, the Michael Collier Endowment, and Middlebury College, the conference is making available a limited number of $500, $1,000, and $1,500 scholarships, as well as at least three full scholarships. 

To Apply for a Scholarship

A financial aid section is included near the bottom of the online application for the conference. Applicants interested in applying for financial aid should complete that short section and submit a statement of 500 to 800 words to be considered along with the strength and quality of the application itself. Those applying for a scholarship are asked to describe how their participation in the conference will contribute to the diverse community of voices concerned with literary translation and also to address their financial need. Though the merit of the application carries the most weight, the applicant’s financial aid statement is also considered.

Though it’s possible for a former financial aid winner to apply again in a subsequent year, please note that the admissions board gives preference to first-time financial aid applicants as well as to former winners who first participated in an Introductory Workshop and are now applying to take part in a Translation Manuscript Workshop.

Middlebury College Student Contributor Awards

Special scholarships are made available to current Middlebury College students and also in some cases for recent Middlebury College graduates. See more information for Middlebury College Students.