• Exhibit Highlights Artists as Agents of Social Change

    Many works of art, architecture, and design throughout history have expressly reinforced existing societal power structures. This exhibition highlights art created for the opposite purpose—to shed light on injustice and inequity, challenge hierarchies, and advocate for progress—and aims to offer a sense of the breadth and depth that protest art encompasses.

  • New Installation Celebrates Innovative Recent Video and Animation

    This exhibition celebrates innovative recent video works by artists who use technology to push the boundaries of time-based media. Featured works highlight the process of the artists, inviting the viewer to consider the intersections between video and other art forms. A New Lens aims to ignite imagination, and to promote an embodied, reflective, and participatory viewing experience.

  • Border South/Frontera Sur: Online Film Event Exposes Global Migration System

    On Thursday, September 24 and Friday, September 25 the Middlebury College Museum of Art, in conjunction with the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs, the Department of Anthropology, and the Program in Education Studies, will sponsor a free online viewing of the power feature film Border South/Frontera Sur as well as a live online Q&A with the filmmakers.

  • A Letter from the Director re: COVID-19

    Like the rest of the Middlebury campus, the Museum is closed for the time being. In the coming weeks we are hopeful that at least some of our staff will be able to safely return to work. However, when the Museum will be able to reopen to the public remains unclear.

  • Walter H. Williams, Jr., Untitled (Seated Man with Bowed Head)

    This rare painting by African-American artist Walter H. Williams, Jr. from 1951 speaks to a sense of desperation while simultaneously offering glimmers of hope. Indeed, with the benefit of hindsight, we can read it as anticipating both the Civil Rights and Black Power movements of the succeeding decade.

  • New Faces on the Museum Staff

    In the lasts few months the Museum of Art has added two new staff members. Sarah Briggs ’14.5 was selected as the 2019-2020 Sabarsky Graduate Fellow, and Nina Sweeney has been appointed the new Assistant Registrar.

  • Christian Cross with the Apostles

    This apostles cross embodies the internationalism of Macau during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and demonstrates how craftsmen merged European and Chinese imagery to create new forms.

  • An Internationally Renowned Local Photographer Takes Us Around the World

    Being There takes an intimate look at the work of renowned photographer James P. Blair, who for more than thirty-five years traveled the world for the National Geographic Society. His images not only transport us to places most of us will never visit, the best of them have become part of our visual lexicon and remind us that the world is a varied and stimulating place, sometimes breathtaking in its beauty and at other times heartbreaking in its degradation.

  • Norman Rockwell’s Willie Gillis Returns to Middlebury

    Thanks to the generosity of a private collector, Norman Rockwell’s 1946 painting, Willie Gillis in College, which features a student in his Middlebury dorm room with Old Chapel visible in the background, has returned to the Middlebury College Museum of Art on extended loan. Rockwell’s painting was previously on loan to Middlebury in 1992 as part of the celebratory opening of the Middlebury College Museum of Art.