Returning Bread Loaf students must re-enroll for each summer they wish to attend.

Current students should complete the online re-enrollment form at the end of the summer session or early in the fall (to avoid disappointment if their first-choice campus fills quickly). Students who missed a summer and wish to return to Bread Loaf should likewise submit a re-enrollment form early in the fall. All returning students who have submitted a form will be notified of re-enrollment in December.

To be eligible for re-enrollment, students must be in good academic standing, with all grades being B or higher. Students who earn a B- (or, for MLitt students, a B) in a Bread Loaf course may re-enroll but will be placed on academic probation for that session. While on probation, students must earn grades of B or better in all courses or they may not be permitted to return. Students who earn more than one B- or receive a failing grade (C+ or lower) may be denied re-enrollment. Students with outstanding bills due to Middlebury College will not be able to re-enroll until the bills are paid.

If you are a returning student and wish to attend Bread Loaf, you may:


Returning students who have not attended Bread Loaf in the past 10 years or more will be asked to submit new application materials.

New applicants who were admitted to Bread Loaf but cancelled must reapply, not re-enroll. See "Defer Admission" under "Apply to Bread Loaf" for details.