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LeRoy Graham started working at Middlebury October 29.

Middlebury appoints LeRoy Graham to key post as college registrar

November 4, 2007

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. - Middlebury College has appointed LeRoy Graham, the former senior associate registrar at Dartmouth College, to the position of college registrar.

At Middlebury, Graham is responsible for the operation of the Registrar's Office including registration and record-keeping for 2,350 undergraduates and about 1,800 additional students enrolled in the Language Schools, Schools Abroad, and Bread Loaf School of English.

Graham works with a full-time staff of eight colleagues at Middlebury, and he replaces Pamela Anastassiou, the former registrar who left in June to pursue other opportunities.

The new registrar is a 1994 graduate of the University of Vermont who also holds an M.S. in information technology management from Franklin Pierce College.

Dartmouth College, where he was employed for eight years, uses the same information management system as Middlebury College, called "SCT Banner." Before coming to Dartmouth, Graham worked for SCT (SunGard Higher Education) as a consultant in the development of the Banner student information system.

Said Susan Campbell, dean of the faculty, "Leroy has an impressive knowledge of the Banner student information system and of technology in general. He also has demonstrated skills in working effectively with students, faculty, and staff. I look forward to working with such a qualified and capable professional."

A native of North Springfield, Vt., LeRoy Graham and his wife, Maria, live in Middlebury with their two daughters.