NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Middlebury Frost scholar Jay Parini

June 4, 2008

Listen to NPR interview with Jay Parini
MIDDLEBURY, Vt. ? On Tuesday, June 3 Middlebury College's D. E. Axinn Professor of English and Creative Writing Jay Parini was interviewed by National Public Radio's Robert Siegel for the program "All Things Considered." Parini, a noted Robert Frost scholar, was on the program to discuss an unusual court diversion program he helped coordinate for a group of high school students who vandalized the Homer Noble Farm in Ripton during a winter party. The house, which is owned by the college, served as Frost's summer home for more than 20 years.

Parini was asked by Addison County State's Attorney John Quinn to teach a class to the students as part of a diversion program that included community service and, in some cases, paying for the damage caused during the party.  More than two dozen students participated in the two Frost sessions taught by Parini. Students who complete the diversion program will have the incident wiped from their records.

Jay Parini is author of the Robert Frost biography titled "Robert Frost: A Life" (2000). His NPR interview is available here.