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The sushi bar will offer spider rolls, pictured above, and other sushi favorites.

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Sushi Bar to Open in McCullough Student Center Sept. 9

July 29, 2013

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. — When Middlebury students return to campus this fall, a new food option will be available in the McCullough Student Center. Beginning Sept. 9, the student-run cafe, which is located on the first floor, will share space with a sushi bar managed by Sushi with Gusto, a South Carolina-based company that has similar partnerships with other colleges and universities.

“We are very excited to be able to offer something new to the students,” said JJ Boggs, associate dean of students for student activities and orientation. “We also hope it will draw them to a great space that isn’t being used to its full potential.”

Previously the cafe was called Crossroads Cafe but now the space and the two eateries will be known simply as Crossroads. Students will continue to run the cafe, which will offer desserts, including frozen yogurt, crepes, waffles and cookies, as well as specialty coffee drinks, fruit smoothies and other beverages. Next to the cafe, the sushi bar will provide a broad selection of sushi and other Asian-inspired menu items freshly prepared each day by a trained chef.

Both the sushi bar and cafe will be open for lunch Monday through Friday, and for dinner seven days a week. Exact hours will be announced before Sept. 9 when the sushi bar opens.

Starting this fall, Crossroads will also partner more often with student organizations to promote food specials and a variety of social events in McCullough.

According to David Cannistra, general manager of Middlebury’s retail food operations, these changes were made with the support of the student managers of Crossroads Cafe, and both the college’s Student Activities office and its Retail Food Operations.