February 24, 1997

Middlebury College Announces 1997 Vermont Teacher Fellowships

Middlebury College has named three 1997 Vermont Teacher Fellowship recipients. The teachers will attend this year's Language School session and receive full remission of tuition, room and board. They will reside on campus throughout the session, participate fully in the life of their school, and abide by the language pledge to speak only the language of study. All three are teaching or preparing to teach the language of the school to which they have applied, and have received endorsement from their school principals.

Receiving a fellowship to the Arabic School is Michelle Forman of Salisbury, Vermont. Ms. Forman teaches social sciences at Middlebury Union High School. She was instrumental in the Addison Central Supervisory Union's articulation of the K-12 social studies curriculum, and her expertise in the area of world history provided scholarship and direction to the work of the committee. She has incorporated her knowledge of Arabic into her instruction and plans to offer Arabic at Middlebury Union High School, giving her the opportunity to integrate language, history, and culture into teaching. Ms. Forman holds a B.A. in history from Brandeis and an M.Ed. from the University of Vermont. She has also taken classes in Arabic at the Ohio State University and the University of Vermont.

Receiving a fellowship to the Spanish School is Jennifer Ann Gifford, of Colchester, Vermont, who teaches Spanish and French at Williston Central School. Ms. Gifford is in her second year of teaching French and Spanish at Williston, where student participation in the foreign language program has increased for the past two years. During her tenure, she and her colleagues have offered students many opportunities to learn foreign languages through regular classroom activities plus hands-on multicultural experiences, including projects that involve research, presentations, and whole classroom celebrations. Williston first offered Spanish as a foreign language in 1995, and Ms. Gifford was asked to develop a new curriculum for the program. Ms. Gifford attended the Middlebury Spanish School in 1996. She is a graduate of SUNY-Plattsburgh, where she received a B.S. degree.

Receiving a fellowship to the Spanish School is Kristi Wilson Lupo, of Queensbury, New York, a teacher of Spanish and English at Rutland High School. Rutland City Public Schools are in the second year of extensive curriculum development and student assessment. Ms. Lupo has been an active participant in meetings associated with curriculum and instruction, and she will be helping the school district develop a K-12 foreign language curriculum for the next century. She has taught at Rutland City High School for three years, and hopes to earn an M.A. in Spanish. She holds an A.A. from Adirondack Community College, a B.A. from SUNY-Albany, and an M.A. in English education from SUNY-Albany.

For 1998 fellowship information, contact Professor Roberto Vegu├ęz, Director of the Language Schools, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT 05753. Ph: 802-443-5685; e-mail: