July 20, 1998

Middlebury Primary Healthcare Seminar Opened to Additional Students

The Primary Health-Care Interactions office at Middlebury College will admit a number of non-Middlebury students to its 1998 program for college students interested in medical careers.

The program is designed to expose students who plan to undertake a premedical curriculum in college to the realities of primary healthcare practice. The program consists of two parts. First, students participate in an intensive seminar about issues in today's healthcare professions; second, they spend a month shadowing a practicing physician to gain an understanding of what day-to-day medical practice is like.

Though the program for the most part enrolls only Middlebury College first-year students, this year the program, which begins on August 15, is open to students who are beginning or are already enrolled in colleges other than Middlebury.

Interested students may receive information and application forms by contacting Professor A. David Napier at 802-443-3149; Professor Emeritus Edward A. Martin at 802-388-7697; or Administrative Coordinator Martha Baldwin at 802-443-5324. The mailing address is Primary Health-Care Interactions, Geonomics House, Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT 05753.