September 12, 2001


Emma Willard House Evacuated & Reopened


Philip Benoit, Director of Public Affairs, September 12, 3:23PM
Emma Willard House, Starr Library and the other nearby facilities previously closed today due to a bomb threat have been reopened. After thoroughly checking Emma Willard's entire premises, the authorities have determined that no bomb exists.

Philip Benoit, Director of Public Affairs, September 12, 1:15PM
Here is some additional information about the status of things in regard to the bomb threat at Emma Willard House.

  • Campus security and the Middlebury police continue to restrict access to Emma Willard.
  • In addition to closing Emma Willard, the library has also been closed until the situation has been resolved.
  • A bomb sniffing dog has been requested to aid in the search of Emma Willard. At this point the dog and its handler have not arrived on campus.
  • When the search has been completed and the buildings reopen, I will notify you.

Philip Benoit, Director of Public Affairs, September 12, 10:10AM
At 10:10 a.m., campus security received a phone call from an unknown person who indicated that a bomb had been planted in the Emma Willard House. Though the call is strongly suspected to be a hoax, the threat is being taken seriously. The following is being done at present:

  • Emma Willard has been evacuated and the immediate area of the building has been cordoned off.
  • Traffic on Route 30 is being diverted around the immediate area.
  • Campus and local police are in the process of investigating the incident and working to determine when it will be safe to reenter the building.

There is no reason to believe that members of the campus community are in danger. Please refrain from going to the Emma Willard House until the building has been reopened.

I will keep you informed as further information is available.

Philip G. Benoit
Director of Public Affairs
Meeker House
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753
(802) 443-5196

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