October 22, 2001

Sarah Ray



Posted: October 22, 2001

- Described by W.H. Auden as "exactly the kind of
critic every poet dreams of finding," Christopher Ricks will
examine the poetry of Bob Dylan at Middlebury College's
Robert A. Jones House on Monday, Nov. 5, at 7:30 p.m. The
Jones House is located on Hillcrest Road, off College Street
(Route 125) on the College campus. The talk, titled "Dylan
the Rhyme-Schemer," is free and open to the public.

professor in the core curriculum at Boston University, is
editor of "The Oxford Book of English Verse" (1999) and has
published monographs on the works of John Milton, Alfred
Tennyson, T.S. Eliot, A.E. Housman and Samuel Beckett. His
reviews in "The New York Review of Books" and the
London-based "Times Literary Supplement" have examined
authors from William Shakespeare and John Milton to Emily
Dickinson and John Updike. In addition to editing and
interpreting literary works, Ricks has written studies of
such topics as "Keats and Embarrassment," and "T.S. Eliot
and Prejudice." Presented with an honorary doctorate of
letters by Balliol and Worcester Colleges of Oxford
University - two of the institutions where he has taught -
Ricks was hailed as "a critic of great candor, a man
admirable for learning, unsurpassed in judgment, and
unmatched in acuteness," and cited as "one who opens up
paths for us into our own literature."

talk "Dylan the Rhyme-Schemer" will be illustrated with
selected verses and melodic snatches from the works of Bob
Dylan, the 60-year-old singer-songwriter who some have
credited with "writing the sound track to the '60s."

talk is sponsored by two Middlebury College organizations -
Atwater Commons and the department of American literature
and civilization. For further information, call