May 7, 2001

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Middlebury College reaches $200 million campaign goal

$10 million gift allows College to meet goal two months early

MIDDLEBURY, Vt.-Middlebury College has received a $10 million donation to its Bicentennial campaign, bringing the amount raised to date in the campaign to $200 million-the amount established as the campaign goal when the College launched the fundraising drive in October of 1997.

College president John M. McCardell, Jr. announced the news that the goal had been reached to College fundraisers and trustees on Friday, May 3. The board of trustees was on campus for its spring meeting.

McCardell said that reaching the goal does not mean the campaign is over. "The campaign does not close its books until June 30," he said. "We must close as many commitments as we can in the remaining time, and enlist all those who believe in this College and its vision as supporters of this historic effort."

At the conclusion of its meeting on Saturday, the board of trustees-which, as a group, contributed $50 million to the campaign-passed a resolution recognizing the $10 million donation and congratulating Vice President Will Melton and his external affairs staff for meeting the goal. The resolution reads in part, "These exemplary accomplishments give us every reason to hope and expect that other impossible dreams will be similarly realized at a pace and with an energy and depth of commitment that will continue to astound only those who do not understand the vision and the determination we possess, and, on this day, unanimously and enthusiastically reaffirm."

Referring to the $10 million gift that enabled the campaign to reach its goal, McCardell said that the desire of the donor to remain anonymous was in keeping with the style of the entire campaign. Noting that the $200 million total was reached through the combination of both large and small gifts, McCardell said, "This goal has been reached one dollar at a time. This has been from the very start an all-College campaign."