February 26, 2002

Sarah Ray



Posted: February 26, 2002

- The Quebecois musical group Matapat will give a
concert on Sunday, March 10, from 3-5 p.m. in the Middlebury
College McCullough Student Center on Old Chapel Road off
South Main Street (Route 30). The event is free and open to
the public.

The three
members of Matapat?Gaston Bernard, Benoit Bourque and Simon
Lepage? offer their traditional dance, music and song with
humor and energy. Bernard is equally at home on mandolin,
fiddle, guitar and bouzouki and has been involved in a
variety of musical projects, ranging from French and Greek
to Celtic and African music. Bourque, a charismatic step
dancer, also plays accordion and bones, providing the
percussive underpinnings of the band. On bass, composer and
arranger Lepage adds depth to the trio with his diverse
background in world music. Benoit and Gaston are former
members of the band "Ad Vielle Que Pourra."

organizer Anna Sun of the Middlebury College French
department said, "They will transport you to a Quebec
kitchen party and warm your heart. Prepare yourself for a
show you will never forget!"

For more
information, contact Anna Sun of the Middlebury College
French department, at sun@middlebury.edu
or 803-443-5527.