February 19, 2002

Sarah Ray



Posted: February 14, 2002

VT -
Middlebury College Visiting Twilight Scholar Karen
Nakamura will give a talk, "Deaf Identity in Japan and the
United States," on Monday, March 11, at 4:30 p.m. in
Twilight Hall Auditorium on College Street (Route 125). The
lecture is free and open to the public.

shares aspects of being both a biological condition as well
as an ethnic and linguistic identity. In this lecture,
anthropologist Nakamura will discuss the results of her
five-year study of deaf identities, sign languages, and
minority social movements in modern Japanese culture while
using U.S. deaf culture as a point of comparison. She will
also address the methods deaf activists use to further their
political and social causes in a country such as Japan,
where minority discourse is not widely extant.

Nakamura is
an assistant professor of anthropology at Macalester
College. She earned her bachelor's degree at Cornell
University and her doctorate at Yale University. Born in
Indonesia, Nakamura grew up in Australia, Japan and the
United States.

Sign Language interpretation will be provided. For more
information, contact Middlebury College Americans with
Disabilities Act Coordinator Elizabeth Christensen at